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Sveta Osborne, an abstract painter, says a very big part of her creating paintings is the thinking process. “I have a thinking couch in my studio,” she said with a laugh. “I have space in front of this couch where I can put the painting early on in the process and I actually spend a lot of time with just coffee or just sitting on my thinking couch staring at this painting.”

While her paintings are abstract they contain coastal influences incorporating images of tropical leaves, seashells and coral. Layer upon layer, adding texture and color and movement, she creates a sculpture on canvas. “It’s all from my imagination,” she said.

In her preschool days she was introduced to art with a very famous sculptor next door, her mother’s friend, and told she could spend as much time as she wanted visiting all his studios. The sculptor created large works of bronze and marble for parks and squares in Minsk, Belarus, where she grew up. The texture fascinated her.


“Silver Reverie” 30”x48” mixed media

When traveling with her parents to Egypt, famous for its corals, she snorkeled and used a glass bottom boat to see all the corals, colors and shapes. “I didn’t know they existed for real. It was an unbelievable experience,” she said. “What inspired me too was my honeymoon on Sanibel Island and when I saw this island and the variety of seashells, I fell in love with Sanibel and I told my husband, ‘We’re going to live in South Florida.’” Home is now Cape Coral.

Of course, she studied art at the College of Fashion Design in Minsk. While she was still in college she started to get commissions. “For me it was a very big compliment because people wanted to give me money for art,” she said. “This is how I started my art career.”

In 2016 she moved to America and learned American design, discovered American houses and American art. When she and her husband moved to south Florida, she said, “It’s just unbelievably inspiring for everyone, but for artists it’s like heaven.”


Sveta Osborne in her studio

Walks on the beach looking for interesting stones, seashells and taking pictures enabled her to build up a library of pictures for inspiration. When she receives commissions, clients will often ask her to visit their homes so she can look at the space, find out what colors make them happy and then both she and the client have an idea of the project. “Customers will tell me my art is very elegant, very unique,” she said, “and makes them happy.”

Each painting is finished when it makes her happy and she feels its harmony.

Currently she exhibits her work in Coco Gallery in both the Estero and Naples locations, and outdoor art shows in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero. Events will be updated on her website Another upcoming solo show will be at Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota starting May 2023 for 6 months.


“Unbelievable Summer: 48”x60” mixed media

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Coastal influences evolve into sculptures on canvas

January 01, 2023

Kathy O’Flinn

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