Enchanted #102

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.


20"H x 20"W x 1.5" in.


Enchanted Series


Enchantment, imagination, and nature all coming together in art form. This is an original abstract acrylic painting on a gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are painted, and the painting is wired and ready to hang.

About the process:
My nature inspired painting offers an uninhibited journey realized by brushstrokes. The painting combines a rich sense of depth with vibrant, contrasting colors. Inspirations from my coastal home set the tone, movement, and emotions. Each painting begins with a foundation of intuitive compositions and evolves into an Enchanted world. 
For me, I see an abstract painting with beautiful aspects of either the woodlands or life in the ocean, or sometimes underwater magical nature and sea life. But that’s the real beauty of art. It is what each of us sees and how we interpret the piece, that makes it unique in our home.

Enchanted #102