Custom Art

Commissioning art work may seem daunting at first, but it's a fairly easy process. It's important that you love my work and desire a piece that is within the range of work that I already do.

​Here's the information I need from you in order to get started on a commission:

​1) Size (I can help with this if you're not sure!)

​2) The orientation (landscape or portrait)

3) Please also send me 2-3 photos of artwork I've created that you love.

4) It's helpful for you to send photos of the room where you're planning to place the work so I can get a feel for the room.

​5) My email:

Once I receive your email, I will reply to let you know a price for the piece and a time-frame for delivery. Commissions may take 6-8 weeks, depending on my work load at the time. Once you are ready, I will send you an invoice for half of the total price that you will pay as a down payment. Once I start on the piece, I will update you as I go and you will only pay the final half when you are happy with the final piece. 


Pricing is determined by size and is as follows:


        18x24 inches: $750

        20x20: $750

        24x36: $1150

        24x48: $1450

        36x36: $1450

        30x48: $1800

        36x48: $2000

        48x48: $2500

        48x60: $4500

        36x72: $4500

        48x72: $5500

        60x60: $6500

        60x72: $7500

Painting Curation Service

As a professional Artist, I believe that buying art should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. This service is designed to meet my art buyers needs, and help them find the inspiration to come away with a piece they absolutely love. Contact me today for a convenient and satisfying experience.

Shipping & Delivery

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